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Monday, 27 February 2012

beginning of another busy week ??

Sunday 27th

Got up had breakfast got ready collected kids  from my nans, dropped them and hubby to the cinema and then went to meet Ayo my personal trainer in the park.

Today Ayo had me do my sprints , they felt easier today .
We did the following exercises but not in this order.
20 side lunges with alex x3
alex swings (alex swing up in to the air change hand )whilst walking in a slightly squat position. same lenght as sprint course. x3
12 double crunches holding alex x3
20 cycle legs whilst laying down and holding alex straight up in the air shoulders off the ground x3
20 side twist whilst in sitting posioton using alex to twist from one side and straight up x3 each side
20 backward lunge and twist with alex x3
20 staionary alex swings whilts in a squat postion.x3
20 box pressups x3

I think thats it but I might of missed something if I have I'll tell you later.

calories burnt 363
avearge heart rate 151
highest heart rate 182

After my seesion with Ayo I went for my sunday danSE16 class .

calories burnt 433
avearge heart rate 122
highest heart rate 156

Classes that I do a normally an hour except PT with Ayo that is an half an hour session .

what a busy week!

I have been so busy with work and training that I have not had anytime to update you.

Sunday 19th february

I went to my danSE16 class and learnt a new dance routine. Well tried to learn a new routine.

calories burnt 250
avearge heart rate 118
highest heart rate 160

Monday 20th no classes today

Tuesday 21st

Idid 2 classes today back to back .
I did a bollywood boxercise class at 7.15pm great music hard class

calories burnt 616
avearge heart rate 151
highest heart rate 192

Then at 8.15pm I took part in  zumba class with an instructor that I haven't used before.
This class was good but the instructor was so hard to follow .

calories burnt 557
avearge heart rate 144
highest heart rate 171

After these 2 classes I was exhausted but exhilarated . Well done me that was 2 high cardio classes back to back .

Wednesday 22nd

no classes

Thursday 23rd

I did my usual two classes for a thursday

I did zumba with the instructor I have been with for over a year

calories burnt 549
avearge heart rate 136
highest heart rate 169

My second class was hula hooping which I absolutely love .

calories burnt 389
avearge heart rate 124
highest heart rate 206

Friday 24th

no classes

Saturday 25th

I did a zumba class at 11am with another instructor which I like working with.

calories burnt 508
avearge heart rate 139
highest heart rate 164

Saturday night out to diner with friends lovely meal and company didnt get home till about 3 am !
All my exercise was done wearing either nudes, flares or hotpants!!

What I have noticed is that if I do 2 classes within an hour of each other my calories burnt are signifacntly improved, this is probably due to my metabolism already being high from the first class.

I set myself a target of 3000 calories for this week i missed the target by 131. a little bit annoyed but still good .
May try again next week.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Coming soon

It's been a busy week . I'll fill you all in later on my fitness this week do far ;0)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Zaggora blog

Hi I'm on the Zaggora blog page !!! http://zaggoragirl.com/2012/02/17/the-how-and-where-of-hotpants/ I'm also on the Zaggora web page ! Www.zaggora.com I'm nearly ready to rule the world :0)

Spin not Zumba tonight !

Got my Zaggora nudes this week ! 
I've been wearing them to work every day. Love them ,they are comfy and warm and make  look and feel slim.  This week been a bit busy , did a class called Caribsa  ( see last post) on Tuesday .
 On Thursday Zumba/hula teacher was also sick !
So me and my bright self decided to book a replacement class somewhere else .
I sat in my lunch break scrolling through the online classes .
I found a spin class at 7.45 pm , I thought yeah I'll give it a try ,it's been a long time since I've done spin , maybe 5-7 years !
 I got to the end of my shift at work , collected my children from my Nan's house .
On the way home I thought I'm tired I need to sleep . 
 I arrived home checked on kobi the bearded dragon . He's been sleeping for a whole day .
Woke him up made sure he ate , locusts ! 
 My lovely hubby arrived home .  "you going Zumba ?"  "no instructor is sick so I might go spin instead , but I'm tired " "Well take a night off and rest " " yeah I might just do that " I said .
 I went back online to cancel my spin class but it was too late I'd missed the hour online cancellation slot .
So it must be a sign ... I was meant to go to spin class . 
 I got ready, hotpant flares on and went to class.
I arrived to a room full of bikes.
Not a packed class but it was the instructors 3rd class in a row . 
I found a bike the instructor came over and helped me adjust my bike she also asked if I'd done it before .
I told her a long time ago .
She smiled and said "just take your time ." I smiled and said "ok ."  
I got on my bike did the first 3 minutes and thought I was going to die !! Forgot how much hard work was involved .
I didn't even add the full amount of tension! 
 I lasted to the end of the class ! Yeah me  Legs feel like jelly , bruised inside of my knee as I must of bashed it when cycling and a sore bottom from sitting on the seat !
 It was a 45 min class by the time I arrived at class adjusted my bike , I did a 40 minute session
 Calories burnt 455
Average heart rate  154
Max heart rate 178
 I did enjoy the class and I would do it again as a replacement class .

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Zumba .... Not !

Did a new class last night . It was meant to be Zumba but instructor was sick so another instructor covered and did a class call Caribsa. This class was very good lots of songs from around the islands . Great class and great teacher called Gail & and lovely people in the class ! Had a great time . Burnt over 400 calories !

Sunday, 12 February 2012

3 sessions 1 weekend !

On the whole a very busy weekend . I think I made up for not doing classes in the week! Saturday 11am  Attended Zumba in dulwich with my friend Sarah . I wore my Zaggora flares ( love them )  Session 1 hr  ( +49 minutes sitting after class talking ) Calories burned 646 Average heart rate 119  Max heart rate 168  Sunday 12 o'clock   Met Ayo in the park ,very cold Ice still on the grass .  Hi we did exercises in the park !  Walking Lunges with Alex  Side Steps Triceps reverse dips Squats Sprint  Kettle bell swings  Stationary  arm lift in lunge position alternate sides  walking lunges without Alex .    All exercise done in groups of 12 or 15 and repeated 3 x for each side ! Hotpants on , flares still drying !! Total time 29 minutes 33 sec  Calories burned 363 ! Average Heart rate 162 per minute  Max Heart rate         194 per minute Sunday 1 o'clock  I followed this session with an hour Bollywood dance  with danSE16 1 hour session Calories burnt 441 Average heart rate 124  Max heart rate 161  I believe that calories continued to burn at a high due to intense work out  before !  It's been a fantastic day and I feel wonderful for it !  Thanks Zaggora for Ayo my trainer and also for inventing hotpants and flares !! Flares tomorrow for work as they are warm , hopefully dry !