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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Zaggora rocks

I've recieved my zaggora upper body wear and........it's fabulous , I love it , it's comfy and sexy looking .

I wasn't able to do a class in my outfit . I teamed my cool bra with hooded blazer and hotpants long 2.0. But I was able to wear my whole outfit out to the local hardware store to purchase paaint with my daughter for her new flat . After walking around for nearly 2 hours I was able to get home.
I took off my jacket and my arms were SWEATING my arms never sweat . Cool bra still cool .
Hotpants as usual needed to be peeled off  :0)

I do recommend zaggora products to everyone for weight loss and weight maintenance . I no longer feel the need to lose weight but love to wear zaggora products to make sure that my weight stays stable .

Since the beginning of zaggora, I have been there for zaggora and zaggora has been there for me . 

Initially I did the 2week challenge and it worked great I lost inches and weight .
I lost 5 lb and 7 inches in two weeks . Since then I have lost a few more inches and pounds . 
It has all stayed off . 

Thank you zaggora 

I am still training and now confident enough to take pole dancing lessons ! 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hello new news

I'm still training at the gym. And now paying for my own pt sessions. But loving it .
I started doing pole dancing on a regular basis . Still learning to do moves correctly but getting better every week .
Just received my new Zaggora wear , cool bra and blazer !!!! Will be wearing them to see if they work as well as all my lower body wear from zaggora.
Really looking forward to the weekend , as well as training in my new clothing I am also expecting my first grandchild to be born !
 Will write again soon .
Pictures to follow soon .