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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Update of where I'm at PT 2

Hi ,
Long time .
I'm still around just not been blogging .

I completed my second London moonwalk with mum back in May. 26.2 miles at night through London weather was awful ,wet and cold but we did it !

I then did my first 5k colour run with my family in wembley on the 1st of June .
I joined in a Bollywood event on a Sunday at Spitalfields market east London , lots of fun .

12th of July I took part in lewisham people's day and zumba'd in the heat again!

I am still training with Ayo every other week . I do zumba once or twice a week and boxfit once a week. I even own my own boxing gloves and mitts .

I am finishing the job that I started last year as it hasn't worked out as planned and I have secured a new job in a school for September closer to home ;0) . My family are extremely happy . Less money but sometimes it's the quality of life that counts .

I have found myself a new challenge to complete at the end of the year . I'm going to take part in Aspires swim the English Channel event to help raise money for people with spinal cord damage .

It's not the actual Channel , but it is 22 miles but over 12 weeks !
I always wanted to swim the Channel .
This way I can do the equivalent. It's about 20 lengths a day ,which I am going to do at Dulwich swimming baths in the evenings after work .
I start in September and finish in December .
She be fun and I should look great after :0)
I will try and write more often .

Nicola Powell

An update of where I'm at !

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Sponsor me please

Hi please sponsor me , I have less than a week to go until my 2nd moon walk . 
I've not trained as much but I am hoping to still do a good time . Hoping for less than 8 hours ! 
Sponsor me using the link below . 
If it doesn't work cut and paste it into your browser . 

Love you all . 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Training Walk for my moonwalk

> Hi,
> I'm doing the Training Walk on 18/04/2014. I'd really appreciate it if you sponsored me at http://wtwalk.org/moonwalklondon2014/nicola-and-betty-do-it-again or TEXT Donate by texting .
> Many Thanks,
> Nicola Powell
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> Nicola

Sunday, 16 March 2014

It's nearly time


It's nearly time for my moon walk !
I hope to do a better time than last year !
But I do need to start training more !
I also need sponsors please !!!
Not as much as last year but definately some !
Nicola Powell

Saturday, 18 January 2014

New class ??

The boxfit class was a killer but I did enjoy it but I think I will feel it tomorrow !
Zumba was great too!

Nicola Powell

New year , new class ?

Today I'm going to try the boxfit class before Zumba !
Hopefully I'll like it .
I've been doing meditation for the last 2 weeks and found it really enjoyable/relaxing .
Also do angel cards at the end of a meditation session.

This was my card for last Monday .