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Friday, 23 September 2011

Hi everyone it's been another one of those days ....
My mother in law past away in the early hours of the morning in Jamaica .

Later out walking with my husband and I tripped over and landed on both hands and knees !!
The only good thing is it made husband laugh on this sad day .
He said " I tried to save you !"
I looked at him and said " yeah right , did it all go in slow motion?"
He laughed and "yeah ,I tried but I thought I was moving faster , the girls across the rd laughed!"
"ah thanks " we both laughed but my knees do still hurt

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Not a good day today 
Someone hit my car
Was late for an appointment which made me later for work!!
Work was ok until I stubbed my little toe on a wooden trolley ...

Oww very painful

Even more upsetting is that I had to cancel my zumba class and hula class as !!

Hopefully it will be better by next week for classes to resume .

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I thought that if I did a class last night it would help stretch out my muscles.
I did Bollywood boxercise at Peckham Pulse.
It did work once I got half way through the class my arms and legs felt better.
But..... By the time I had got home sat on the phone withy nan for half an hour , everything had seized up ! During the night I woke up regular and reposition my body ... Oww, should I sleep straight or curled ?
Got up this morning and walked around the house like an old lady !!!
Off to work now. I work in a nursery with under 3's and little chairs !!! Help

I will let you know later how I'm doing .
No classes tonight I'm resting 

Sunday, 18 September 2011

I forgot the sit ups with leg hold 20x3

Side twist sit ups 20x3

Followed by a conversation of...

" I'm going easy on you this week so that you come back for another session!!"
" Thank you "I replied
Ayo ( my trainer) "see you next time , I may bring 10kg instead next time " he smiled !

Not meeting again now til 9/10/11 as I was due a session on 2/10/11 but as I'm doing a half marathon night walkathon(13.5 miles) on the Saturday night 1/10/11!!

So I will be resting on Sunday ... Oh no I won't driving my son to a rugby away game

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My 1st session with a PT

First session with trainer 18/09/11
This is the first of many sessions that I won from hotpants ( www.zaggora.com )
A whole years worth of personal training sessions !!!!

Met trainer in local park , 
He arrived with a mat and a 7kg weight !!
" this is all we will need " he said to me . 
Going to take it easy today and see what you can do 
" do you run ? " 
"Oh no, don't do running !"  I said 
Ok then just jog to the tree over there and back three times !
I did 2 
did squats 3 sets of 15 
Did forward lunges with 7kg weight 20 steps ( 10 each side) x3
Half press ups 20x3
Some other lift  on knees one leg out one arm lifting weight directly up 20x3 ( on all fours)
Stationary  Squat with weight lifting 20x3 
Plank 20x3 alternate legs out and back in.
Lifting weight above my head height and down my back holding it behind me 10x3

This took half an hour .

I then strolled home with shaky legs  picked up conkers for kids at work .... My Sunday is done !

Hot pants were on whole time )