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Saturday, 28 July 2012

It's been a while

I have been training , just not blogging about it as much .

Still doing Zumba ,Bollywood now doing Caribsa ,and still training with Ayo . I hula hoop at home Have a session with Ayo tomorrow . Olympics started yesterday . Opening ceremony very good . GB team outfit was awful ! I have achieved my personal weight target of 9st 7 lb I am very happy my weight . It now fluctuates between 9st 8 and 9st 6 . BMI is approximately 23.6 . I am going to keep training . My funding for my personal trainer only has a couple more months then I think I will fund it myself as it has been very beneficial . I would and do recommend Ayo to everyone that asks . My Herat rate is improving it does not go as high any more ,I average at about 135 for high impact cardio which is an improvement. even at my highest rates I reach about 170 originally the highest I reached was 210!! So I must be healthier . I will try and write again soon Ps I'm also going to be a grandma in October. Lots of love nikki Yes I still wear zaggora hotpants , nudes, flares and my orange vivas . Can't exercise without them . I love zaggora Thank you.