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Sunday, 30 December 2012


Did Xmas ,boxing day etc
Went to the gym on the 28/12/12 .
Zumba instructor did not turn up so I actually went in to the gym !!!!
I ran for approximately 25 minutes even got my speed up to 7.8 km per hour . Then i rowed for 10 minutes.
Very pleased with myself .
Also got a new fitness gadget for Xmas , I got a Nike fuel band . Love it !

Will definitely go running again !

Have another session with Ayo tomorrow :0)

Monday, 3 December 2012


I'm still training with Ayo every two weeks . He says that I'm getting stronger .
Also have started doing double Zumba Class on a Saturday .

On the 8 dec is my Nan's 80th birthday so food and drink and on the 9th I have a 3hr Zumbathon for charity . That should balance the food and drink !!

Haven't raised any money yet but looking forward to 3hrs of Zumba !


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Pole dancing !

Hi last night was my last official pole class for this year !
Photos and videos done !
It's been great fun and I have made some great ... No fantastic new friends !!😊
I was busy the weekend just gone
2 Zumba classes back to back on saturday and a session in the park with Ayo on Sunday .
50th birthday party on Saturday .

What a non stop weekend !
Hopefully if feeling ok tonight I will go to Caribsa .

Got to get up for work now . Speak soon . 😘


Thursday, 15 November 2012

New thing for 2013 !

Hi I've signed up to do The moon  walk for charity in may 2013 . It's a full marathon , walking at night in a bra !
If you have time please sponsor me its for breast cancer . 
I did a half marathon night walk 2011 at an event called shine for a charity ... But this is an event I have always wanted todo but never remembered or had the courage to book . 

Lots of walking training to be done this time , might start swimming regular to help build stamina . 
Will write back soon

Sunday, 11 November 2012

It worked

Hi let me introduce you to my grandson born 30/10/12 .
I'm slightly bias but he's lovely !!!


Hi this is my first mobile blog hopefully this will make it easier to add pictures .

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Zaggora rocks

I've recieved my zaggora upper body wear and........it's fabulous , I love it , it's comfy and sexy looking .

I wasn't able to do a class in my outfit . I teamed my cool bra with hooded blazer and hotpants long 2.0. But I was able to wear my whole outfit out to the local hardware store to purchase paaint with my daughter for her new flat . After walking around for nearly 2 hours I was able to get home.
I took off my jacket and my arms were SWEATING my arms never sweat . Cool bra still cool .
Hotpants as usual needed to be peeled off  :0)

I do recommend zaggora products to everyone for weight loss and weight maintenance . I no longer feel the need to lose weight but love to wear zaggora products to make sure that my weight stays stable .

Since the beginning of zaggora, I have been there for zaggora and zaggora has been there for me . 

Initially I did the 2week challenge and it worked great I lost inches and weight .
I lost 5 lb and 7 inches in two weeks . Since then I have lost a few more inches and pounds . 
It has all stayed off . 

Thank you zaggora 

I am still training and now confident enough to take pole dancing lessons ! 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hello new news

I'm still training at the gym. And now paying for my own pt sessions. But loving it .
I started doing pole dancing on a regular basis . Still learning to do moves correctly but getting better every week .
Just received my new Zaggora wear , cool bra and blazer !!!! Will be wearing them to see if they work as well as all my lower body wear from zaggora.
Really looking forward to the weekend , as well as training in my new clothing I am also expecting my first grandchild to be born !
 Will write again soon .
Pictures to follow soon .

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Pole dancing

I have a couple of pt sessions left ,very sad , but it's ok I'm going to keep them up and pay for the myself !
Still doing Zumba  in my zaggoras etc .

Just started a new venture ...I had my first pole dancing taster class last night and I loved it ! Signing up for the 6 week course later today . Only down side to pole dancing is I can't wear my zaggoras !

No it's not a change of career but it's always good to try something new .

Still love my hula hoop , waiting for my new led hoop to arrive !

Have a wedding to go to on Saturday
Have a pt this Sunday with Ayo
Always busy !

Saturday, 28 July 2012

It's been a while

I have been training , just not blogging about it as much .

Still doing Zumba ,Bollywood now doing Caribsa ,and still training with Ayo . I hula hoop at home Have a session with Ayo tomorrow . Olympics started yesterday . Opening ceremony very good . GB team outfit was awful ! I have achieved my personal weight target of 9st 7 lb I am very happy my weight . It now fluctuates between 9st 8 and 9st 6 . BMI is approximately 23.6 . I am going to keep training . My funding for my personal trainer only has a couple more months then I think I will fund it myself as it has been very beneficial . I would and do recommend Ayo to everyone that asks . My Herat rate is improving it does not go as high any more ,I average at about 135 for high impact cardio which is an improvement. even at my highest rates I reach about 170 originally the highest I reached was 210!! So I must be healthier . I will try and write again soon Ps I'm also going to be a grandma in October. Lots of love nikki Yes I still wear zaggora hotpants , nudes, flares and my orange vivas . Can't exercise without them . I love zaggora Thank you.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Sorry it's been a while

Hi I know I haven't posted for a while....sorry I've just been to last to post ,but I have still been exercising. I did a session with Ayo yesterday I have now got more confident and if he is not there yet I will start my running lags / sprints on my own . I did about 20 today before he turned up. We then went into side steps with kettle bell swings using Alex .the length of a sprint and back again x2 Press ups x20 Double crunches with Alex x20 Side twists in sitting position with Alex x20 We did all of the above circuits 3 times I then did 4 sprints 20 backward alternat leg lunges with a forward arm curl using Alex . 15 arm curl/raises in a lunge position on each arm. All of the above times 3 Followed by 4 sprints! Finished. 30 mins in total just under 300 calories burnt . on doing the second set of exercise I actually did 8 sprints the first round as I was not counting properly . It was a great session Did you know that all the times that I have had a Sunday session with Ayo that it has NEVER rained during a session EVER!!! The first weekend in May I had to change my session to a Saturday as I was busy on the Sunday and it rained !! After doing all this I walked home . Sat down for 10 minutes and then drove to Canada waters for my Bollywood dance / performance class . This session was 90 minutes long . Good session I think I have mastered 1 of the dances but ask me agin next week and I may have forgotten bits again. We have our first performance coming up in July . It's been a very busy day . I'll try not to leave it so long next time . Yes I am still wearing my hotpants . I DO NOT do exercise without them on or at least an item of zaggora clothing on my legs ,hotpants,nudes,flares ! I love my zaggora clothing

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Sorry not posted . I didn't have a work out session last Sunday . Not because I was lazy but because Ayo had offered to support a friend who was running their 1st half marathon. I had to forgive Ayo as we will do my session this weekend coming and he was being supportive ! I have been to bollywood boxercise but forgot my heart rate monitor! I've done a couple of zumba classes and hula classes but will post calorie results later ! It was my last Zumba and hula Thursday class with Emma . It was a great class disco lights and laughter ! Great fun . Role on weekend ! Fitness and alcohol ! Not a good combination but I'm gonna do it !

Monday, 27 February 2012

beginning of another busy week ??

Sunday 27th

Got up had breakfast got ready collected kids  from my nans, dropped them and hubby to the cinema and then went to meet Ayo my personal trainer in the park.

Today Ayo had me do my sprints , they felt easier today .
We did the following exercises but not in this order.
20 side lunges with alex x3
alex swings (alex swing up in to the air change hand )whilst walking in a slightly squat position. same lenght as sprint course. x3
12 double crunches holding alex x3
20 cycle legs whilst laying down and holding alex straight up in the air shoulders off the ground x3
20 side twist whilst in sitting posioton using alex to twist from one side and straight up x3 each side
20 backward lunge and twist with alex x3
20 staionary alex swings whilts in a squat postion.x3
20 box pressups x3

I think thats it but I might of missed something if I have I'll tell you later.

calories burnt 363
avearge heart rate 151
highest heart rate 182

After my seesion with Ayo I went for my sunday danSE16 class .

calories burnt 433
avearge heart rate 122
highest heart rate 156

Classes that I do a normally an hour except PT with Ayo that is an half an hour session .

what a busy week!

I have been so busy with work and training that I have not had anytime to update you.

Sunday 19th february

I went to my danSE16 class and learnt a new dance routine. Well tried to learn a new routine.

calories burnt 250
avearge heart rate 118
highest heart rate 160

Monday 20th no classes today

Tuesday 21st

Idid 2 classes today back to back .
I did a bollywood boxercise class at 7.15pm great music hard class

calories burnt 616
avearge heart rate 151
highest heart rate 192

Then at 8.15pm I took part in  zumba class with an instructor that I haven't used before.
This class was good but the instructor was so hard to follow .

calories burnt 557
avearge heart rate 144
highest heart rate 171

After these 2 classes I was exhausted but exhilarated . Well done me that was 2 high cardio classes back to back .

Wednesday 22nd

no classes

Thursday 23rd

I did my usual two classes for a thursday

I did zumba with the instructor I have been with for over a year

calories burnt 549
avearge heart rate 136
highest heart rate 169

My second class was hula hooping which I absolutely love .

calories burnt 389
avearge heart rate 124
highest heart rate 206

Friday 24th

no classes

Saturday 25th

I did a zumba class at 11am with another instructor which I like working with.

calories burnt 508
avearge heart rate 139
highest heart rate 164

Saturday night out to diner with friends lovely meal and company didnt get home till about 3 am !
All my exercise was done wearing either nudes, flares or hotpants!!

What I have noticed is that if I do 2 classes within an hour of each other my calories burnt are signifacntly improved, this is probably due to my metabolism already being high from the first class.

I set myself a target of 3000 calories for this week i missed the target by 131. a little bit annoyed but still good .
May try again next week.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Coming soon

It's been a busy week . I'll fill you all in later on my fitness this week do far ;0)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Zaggora blog

Hi I'm on the Zaggora blog page !!! http://zaggoragirl.com/2012/02/17/the-how-and-where-of-hotpants/ I'm also on the Zaggora web page ! Www.zaggora.com I'm nearly ready to rule the world :0)

Spin not Zumba tonight !

Got my Zaggora nudes this week ! 
I've been wearing them to work every day. Love them ,they are comfy and warm and make  look and feel slim.  This week been a bit busy , did a class called Caribsa  ( see last post) on Tuesday .
 On Thursday Zumba/hula teacher was also sick !
So me and my bright self decided to book a replacement class somewhere else .
I sat in my lunch break scrolling through the online classes .
I found a spin class at 7.45 pm , I thought yeah I'll give it a try ,it's been a long time since I've done spin , maybe 5-7 years !
 I got to the end of my shift at work , collected my children from my Nan's house .
On the way home I thought I'm tired I need to sleep . 
 I arrived home checked on kobi the bearded dragon . He's been sleeping for a whole day .
Woke him up made sure he ate , locusts ! 
 My lovely hubby arrived home .  "you going Zumba ?"  "no instructor is sick so I might go spin instead , but I'm tired " "Well take a night off and rest " " yeah I might just do that " I said .
 I went back online to cancel my spin class but it was too late I'd missed the hour online cancellation slot .
So it must be a sign ... I was meant to go to spin class . 
 I got ready, hotpant flares on and went to class.
I arrived to a room full of bikes.
Not a packed class but it was the instructors 3rd class in a row . 
I found a bike the instructor came over and helped me adjust my bike she also asked if I'd done it before .
I told her a long time ago .
She smiled and said "just take your time ." I smiled and said "ok ."  
I got on my bike did the first 3 minutes and thought I was going to die !! Forgot how much hard work was involved .
I didn't even add the full amount of tension! 
 I lasted to the end of the class ! Yeah me  Legs feel like jelly , bruised inside of my knee as I must of bashed it when cycling and a sore bottom from sitting on the seat !
 It was a 45 min class by the time I arrived at class adjusted my bike , I did a 40 minute session
 Calories burnt 455
Average heart rate  154
Max heart rate 178
 I did enjoy the class and I would do it again as a replacement class .

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Zumba .... Not !

Did a new class last night . It was meant to be Zumba but instructor was sick so another instructor covered and did a class call Caribsa. This class was very good lots of songs from around the islands . Great class and great teacher called Gail & and lovely people in the class ! Had a great time . Burnt over 400 calories !

Sunday, 12 February 2012

3 sessions 1 weekend !

On the whole a very busy weekend . I think I made up for not doing classes in the week! Saturday 11am  Attended Zumba in dulwich with my friend Sarah . I wore my Zaggora flares ( love them )  Session 1 hr  ( +49 minutes sitting after class talking ) Calories burned 646 Average heart rate 119  Max heart rate 168  Sunday 12 o'clock   Met Ayo in the park ,very cold Ice still on the grass .  Hi we did exercises in the park !  Walking Lunges with Alex  Side Steps Triceps reverse dips Squats Sprint  Kettle bell swings  Stationary  arm lift in lunge position alternate sides  walking lunges without Alex .    All exercise done in groups of 12 or 15 and repeated 3 x for each side ! Hotpants on , flares still drying !! Total time 29 minutes 33 sec  Calories burned 363 ! Average Heart rate 162 per minute  Max Heart rate         194 per minute Sunday 1 o'clock  I followed this session with an hour Bollywood dance  with danSE16 1 hour session Calories burnt 441 Average heart rate 124  Max heart rate 161  I believe that calories continued to burn at a high due to intense work out  before !  It's been a fantastic day and I feel wonderful for it !  Thanks Zaggora for Ayo my trainer and also for inventing hotpants and flares !! Flares tomorrow for work as they are warm , hopefully dry ! 

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Another great session !

It's that time of the week that I look forward to ! What am I going to do when my prize money from zaggora runs out ?  I best start saving from now as I love my sessions with Ayo . They are so  rewarding .  Thank you zaggora ! For my comp win and my hotpants and flares !  Love you !  My session begins in the park in the sun in the cold!!  I forgot the mat that Ayo gave me last time so no floor work this time . 12 Lunge  twist x3 Lunge walk x6 (distance of my normal sprints )  Side step walk x6 (as above )  Run squat jump twist run whilst holding ALEX ( distance as above) x10 12 lunge dips x 3 12 triceps  lifts squat position x3 12 Kettle bell lifts x3 None of these are in order , I have written them as I remember them .  Weather was the usual cold but dry .  Hot pant flares on this time much warmer as they cover the whole leg ... Great for out door training .  This was a 30 min session  I then walked home ,picked up my other trainers got in the car and drove to Canada water . Arrived at Canada water library just in time for my DanSE16 class !  Which was a class involving the use of Asian music  Great class  Calories Burnt ... Pt session. 371 cal in 30 mins  DanSE16.  273 cal in 1 hr not as high impact . 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

poorly long weekend...

Just thought I'd write and tell you how fed up I am !!
I have been actually, really ill since Thursday  its now Sunday!
Runny nose ,cough ,achy joints ,high temperature and headaches.
I have never slept so much !
OK only good thing that I managed to loose 5 lb in weight in 1 day but in return that has left me weak and tired , the longest I've been out of bed is about 4 hours in a day .
When i do eat I've had to eat smaller potions than normal and then I feel sick afterwards.
So I've not been to zumba , hula hoop, bollywood dance or done any form of exercise.
I've not even had a chance to wear my new hotpant flares!
Hopefully sometime next week I can get back to do some exercise, I am really missing it !
Hubby and family have been great and super supportive.

Friday, 20 January 2012

I have had over 1000 views of my blog pages !! Yippee

My end of year photos in Hotpants 2011 !

Here are some of the pictures of events that I have shared with my Hotpants in 2011.

I am know the happy owner of 4 pairs of Hotpants!

1 medium which were my first pair and are now my back up emergency pair
2 small Hotpants love them
1 pair of Hotpants flares!!!! (still yet to be worn)


Myself and Sonia after the first Hotpants outdoor training session in London
Nov 2011
left to right
my daughter, my mum, ME , Joyce and Lucy
all at the Hotpants launch party .

Hotpants goodie bag !!

Finding myself at Hotpants launch party
Oct 2011
My mum and I in our HOTPANTS (thanks @zaggora)
getting ready for the Shine event 

My t shirt before i cut the sleeves off
Me and mum before the night walk
The route I powerwalked at night for charity
we started at the O2 walked to city hall and back again!!
Oct 2011
Hotpants on underneath patterned tights, frilly knickers and rain!!
whilst hula hooping in the London  Thames parade
I  don't actually go on the laptop much, usually blog from my phone, so this is why you are getting all my pics now , but I think its more exciting in batches .

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Just thought I'd try something new !
Follow me/us

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Recieved my hotpants flares yesterday !
Looked at them and thought wow ... Are they actually going to fit ?
I tried them on and they felt marvellous :0)
But I only like wearing my hotpants to classes and my class this Thursday has been cancelled so I will have to wait to Saturday morning to start my new 2 week challenge !
I'll measure on Saturday and post the start results and let you know the final results in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed.

Monday, 16 January 2012

10 run sprints
Kettle side step squats with weight swing . 10 one way and 10 back x 3
Kettel twist jump ( forward swing lift jump left swing back to middle then to right !) 12x3.
Stationary Lunges x15 with 15 twist x3.on each leg 
Triceps 12 x 3 .whilst standing in a squat position . 
Press ups  20x 3
Sitting Side twist 20 x3
Cycle legs 20 x3
6 runs x3 
 Weather cold , hotpants on !sun still shining !!! 
Calories burnt 301 
Time 24.38 minutes
Average Hr 161
Max hr 181 

Thanks Ayo I always feel good after a session but normally in a bit of pain the following days ! But as they say no pain no gain :0) 

Thanks zaggora for my personal trainer !

Ayo is currently in training for the Helsinki marathon in the summer 

All exercise done using ALEX ! 
( see previous posts to find out about ALEX) 

All work outs are done in the local park with buses passing by , joggers and local football teams playing etc 

Friday, 6 January 2012

I got a new watch for Xmas and it monitors my heart rate and can then tell me how many calories I have burnt .
For my Thursday 5/1/12 Zumba(1hr)and hula hoop (45)classes I had an average heart rate of 132 and a maximum heart rate of 169 I also burnt 837 calories!
I think I did a good job ! :0)

On 2/1/12 during pt session I worked for 27 mins and burnt 281 calories average heart rate 148 maximum heart rate 183!

Hotpants on for every session that I do !
Thanks zaggora for my personal trainer :0)

Monday, 2 January 2012

Hotpants on !
Warm clothing on!
Off I go to meet Ayo in the park !
Yes it's cold but at least it's sunny .
This will be a good start to the new year 2012!

10 sprints longer distance than normal 

20 kettle bell(Alex) swings using alternate hands  x3
15 waist twist using weight(Alex) x3
15 rear leg lunges each side whilst using opposite arm to lift Alex from floor waist level. X3

8 sprints with a squat jump at the end of each length .

20 press ups (still doing box press ups, not ready for half press ups yet ) x3
15 rear raises using Alex behind my head ( sitting position arm above/behind my head ) x3
15 double crunches holding Alex bringing the weight in as I crunch . X3  

5 sprints at the end !!

Alex is my mate the 7kg weight 
Sprints were done over double the distance that we normally use , still not extremely long but long enough for me as I don't normally jog/sprint

Ayo said my rear raises we're my worst exercise ! I totally agreed and said they hurt my arms to much and that I have weaker upper body strength . 

Although we didn't train on the 1/1/12 I was still Ayo's first client of the year ;0) 2/1/12 

Back to work tomorrow ,gym open tomorrow as its a normal working day . Probably not going but at least I have the option .