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Sunday, 22 January 2012

poorly long weekend...

Just thought I'd write and tell you how fed up I am !!
I have been actually, really ill since Thursday  its now Sunday!
Runny nose ,cough ,achy joints ,high temperature and headaches.
I have never slept so much !
OK only good thing that I managed to loose 5 lb in weight in 1 day but in return that has left me weak and tired , the longest I've been out of bed is about 4 hours in a day .
When i do eat I've had to eat smaller potions than normal and then I feel sick afterwards.
So I've not been to zumba , hula hoop, bollywood dance or done any form of exercise.
I've not even had a chance to wear my new hotpant flares!
Hopefully sometime next week I can get back to do some exercise, I am really missing it !
Hubby and family have been great and super supportive.

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