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Friday, 6 January 2012

I got a new watch for Xmas and it monitors my heart rate and can then tell me how many calories I have burnt .
For my Thursday 5/1/12 Zumba(1hr)and hula hoop (45)classes I had an average heart rate of 132 and a maximum heart rate of 169 I also burnt 837 calories!
I think I did a good job ! :0)

On 2/1/12 during pt session I worked for 27 mins and burnt 281 calories average heart rate 148 maximum heart rate 183!

Hotpants on for every session that I do !
Thanks zaggora for my personal trainer :0)


  1. Wow that is fantastic, maybe I should get a watch like that. I know when i'm on the crosstrainer my heart rate is approx. 164bpm can go upto 170bpm. Apart from that I have no idea. Well done Nikki you're fit xx

  2. Thanks Lucy
    I love my watch and I'm just waiting for the foot accessory that counts my steps then I'll be complete with my gadgets ! I'm such a geek :0)
    My hubby knows me so well !