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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Another great session !

It's that time of the week that I look forward to ! What am I going to do when my prize money from zaggora runs out ?  I best start saving from now as I love my sessions with Ayo . They are so  rewarding .  Thank you zaggora ! For my comp win and my hotpants and flares !  Love you !  My session begins in the park in the sun in the cold!!  I forgot the mat that Ayo gave me last time so no floor work this time . 12 Lunge  twist x3 Lunge walk x6 (distance of my normal sprints )  Side step walk x6 (as above )  Run squat jump twist run whilst holding ALEX ( distance as above) x10 12 lunge dips x 3 12 triceps  lifts squat position x3 12 Kettle bell lifts x3 None of these are in order , I have written them as I remember them .  Weather was the usual cold but dry .  Hot pant flares on this time much warmer as they cover the whole leg ... Great for out door training .  This was a 30 min session  I then walked home ,picked up my other trainers got in the car and drove to Canada water . Arrived at Canada water library just in time for my DanSE16 class !  Which was a class involving the use of Asian music  Great class  Calories Burnt ... Pt session. 371 cal in 30 mins  DanSE16.  273 cal in 1 hr not as high impact . 

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