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Sunday, 12 February 2012

3 sessions 1 weekend !

On the whole a very busy weekend . I think I made up for not doing classes in the week! Saturday 11am  Attended Zumba in dulwich with my friend Sarah . I wore my Zaggora flares ( love them )  Session 1 hr  ( +49 minutes sitting after class talking ) Calories burned 646 Average heart rate 119  Max heart rate 168  Sunday 12 o'clock   Met Ayo in the park ,very cold Ice still on the grass .  Hi we did exercises in the park !  Walking Lunges with Alex  Side Steps Triceps reverse dips Squats Sprint  Kettle bell swings  Stationary  arm lift in lunge position alternate sides  walking lunges without Alex .    All exercise done in groups of 12 or 15 and repeated 3 x for each side ! Hotpants on , flares still drying !! Total time 29 minutes 33 sec  Calories burned 363 ! Average Heart rate 162 per minute  Max Heart rate         194 per minute Sunday 1 o'clock  I followed this session with an hour Bollywood dance  with danSE16 1 hour session Calories burnt 441 Average heart rate 124  Max heart rate 161  I believe that calories continued to burn at a high due to intense work out  before !  It's been a fantastic day and I feel wonderful for it !  Thanks Zaggora for Ayo my trainer and also for inventing hotpants and flares !! Flares tomorrow for work as they are warm , hopefully dry ! 

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