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Monday, 27 February 2012

what a busy week!

I have been so busy with work and training that I have not had anytime to update you.

Sunday 19th february

I went to my danSE16 class and learnt a new dance routine. Well tried to learn a new routine.

calories burnt 250
avearge heart rate 118
highest heart rate 160

Monday 20th no classes today

Tuesday 21st

Idid 2 classes today back to back .
I did a bollywood boxercise class at 7.15pm great music hard class

calories burnt 616
avearge heart rate 151
highest heart rate 192

Then at 8.15pm I took part in  zumba class with an instructor that I haven't used before.
This class was good but the instructor was so hard to follow .

calories burnt 557
avearge heart rate 144
highest heart rate 171

After these 2 classes I was exhausted but exhilarated . Well done me that was 2 high cardio classes back to back .

Wednesday 22nd

no classes

Thursday 23rd

I did my usual two classes for a thursday

I did zumba with the instructor I have been with for over a year

calories burnt 549
avearge heart rate 136
highest heart rate 169

My second class was hula hooping which I absolutely love .

calories burnt 389
avearge heart rate 124
highest heart rate 206

Friday 24th

no classes

Saturday 25th

I did a zumba class at 11am with another instructor which I like working with.

calories burnt 508
avearge heart rate 139
highest heart rate 164

Saturday night out to diner with friends lovely meal and company didnt get home till about 3 am !
All my exercise was done wearing either nudes, flares or hotpants!!

What I have noticed is that if I do 2 classes within an hour of each other my calories burnt are signifacntly improved, this is probably due to my metabolism already being high from the first class.

I set myself a target of 3000 calories for this week i missed the target by 131. a little bit annoyed but still good .
May try again next week.

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