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Monday, 27 February 2012

beginning of another busy week ??

Sunday 27th

Got up had breakfast got ready collected kids  from my nans, dropped them and hubby to the cinema and then went to meet Ayo my personal trainer in the park.

Today Ayo had me do my sprints , they felt easier today .
We did the following exercises but not in this order.
20 side lunges with alex x3
alex swings (alex swing up in to the air change hand )whilst walking in a slightly squat position. same lenght as sprint course. x3
12 double crunches holding alex x3
20 cycle legs whilst laying down and holding alex straight up in the air shoulders off the ground x3
20 side twist whilst in sitting posioton using alex to twist from one side and straight up x3 each side
20 backward lunge and twist with alex x3
20 staionary alex swings whilts in a squat postion.x3
20 box pressups x3

I think thats it but I might of missed something if I have I'll tell you later.

calories burnt 363
avearge heart rate 151
highest heart rate 182

After my seesion with Ayo I went for my sunday danSE16 class .

calories burnt 433
avearge heart rate 122
highest heart rate 156

Classes that I do a normally an hour except PT with Ayo that is an half an hour session .

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