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Monday, 21 May 2012

Sorry it's been a while

Hi I know I haven't posted for a while....sorry I've just been to last to post ,but I have still been exercising. I did a session with Ayo yesterday I have now got more confident and if he is not there yet I will start my running lags / sprints on my own . I did about 20 today before he turned up. We then went into side steps with kettle bell swings using Alex .the length of a sprint and back again x2 Press ups x20 Double crunches with Alex x20 Side twists in sitting position with Alex x20 We did all of the above circuits 3 times I then did 4 sprints 20 backward alternat leg lunges with a forward arm curl using Alex . 15 arm curl/raises in a lunge position on each arm. All of the above times 3 Followed by 4 sprints! Finished. 30 mins in total just under 300 calories burnt . on doing the second set of exercise I actually did 8 sprints the first round as I was not counting properly . It was a great session Did you know that all the times that I have had a Sunday session with Ayo that it has NEVER rained during a session EVER!!! The first weekend in May I had to change my session to a Saturday as I was busy on the Sunday and it rained !! After doing all this I walked home . Sat down for 10 minutes and then drove to Canada waters for my Bollywood dance / performance class . This session was 90 minutes long . Good session I think I have mastered 1 of the dances but ask me agin next week and I may have forgotten bits again. We have our first performance coming up in July . It's been a very busy day . I'll try not to leave it so long next time . Yes I am still wearing my hotpants . I DO NOT do exercise without them on or at least an item of zaggora clothing on my legs ,hotpants,nudes,flares ! I love my zaggora clothing