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Friday, 20 January 2012

My end of year photos in Hotpants 2011 !

Here are some of the pictures of events that I have shared with my Hotpants in 2011.

I am know the happy owner of 4 pairs of Hotpants!

1 medium which were my first pair and are now my back up emergency pair
2 small Hotpants love them
1 pair of Hotpants flares!!!! (still yet to be worn)


Myself and Sonia after the first Hotpants outdoor training session in London
Nov 2011
left to right
my daughter, my mum, ME , Joyce and Lucy
all at the Hotpants launch party .

Hotpants goodie bag !!

Finding myself at Hotpants launch party
Oct 2011
My mum and I in our HOTPANTS (thanks @zaggora)
getting ready for the Shine event 

My t shirt before i cut the sleeves off
Me and mum before the night walk
The route I powerwalked at night for charity
we started at the O2 walked to city hall and back again!!
Oct 2011
Hotpants on underneath patterned tights, frilly knickers and rain!!
whilst hula hooping in the London  Thames parade
I  don't actually go on the laptop much, usually blog from my phone, so this is why you are getting all my pics now , but I think its more exciting in batches .

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