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Monday, 16 January 2012

10 run sprints
Kettle side step squats with weight swing . 10 one way and 10 back x 3
Kettel twist jump ( forward swing lift jump left swing back to middle then to right !) 12x3.
Stationary Lunges x15 with 15 twist x3.on each leg 
Triceps 12 x 3 .whilst standing in a squat position . 
Press ups  20x 3
Sitting Side twist 20 x3
Cycle legs 20 x3
6 runs x3 
 Weather cold , hotpants on !sun still shining !!! 
Calories burnt 301 
Time 24.38 minutes
Average Hr 161
Max hr 181 

Thanks Ayo I always feel good after a session but normally in a bit of pain the following days ! But as they say no pain no gain :0) 

Thanks zaggora for my personal trainer !

Ayo is currently in training for the Helsinki marathon in the summer 

All exercise done using ALEX ! 
( see previous posts to find out about ALEX) 

All work outs are done in the local park with buses passing by , joggers and local football teams playing etc 

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