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Monday, 2 January 2012

Hotpants on !
Warm clothing on!
Off I go to meet Ayo in the park !
Yes it's cold but at least it's sunny .
This will be a good start to the new year 2012!

10 sprints longer distance than normal 

20 kettle bell(Alex) swings using alternate hands  x3
15 waist twist using weight(Alex) x3
15 rear leg lunges each side whilst using opposite arm to lift Alex from floor waist level. X3

8 sprints with a squat jump at the end of each length .

20 press ups (still doing box press ups, not ready for half press ups yet ) x3
15 rear raises using Alex behind my head ( sitting position arm above/behind my head ) x3
15 double crunches holding Alex bringing the weight in as I crunch . X3  

5 sprints at the end !!

Alex is my mate the 7kg weight 
Sprints were done over double the distance that we normally use , still not extremely long but long enough for me as I don't normally jog/sprint

Ayo said my rear raises we're my worst exercise ! I totally agreed and said they hurt my arms to much and that I have weaker upper body strength . 

Although we didn't train on the 1/1/12 I was still Ayo's first client of the year ;0) 2/1/12 

Back to work tomorrow ,gym open tomorrow as its a normal working day . Probably not going but at least I have the option . 

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