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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Thanks Zaggora

I know I haven't written for a long time .
I've been fine .
Still training regular
Pole dancing
Personal training with Ayo
Kettle bells and lots more power walking .
Since last writing I have taken part in my first full walkathon (26.8) miles .
I did the moonwalk event in London for charity at night !
It was great fun I walked through London at night in my bra !

Had a meeting the other week with owners ,staff and ambassadors at Zaggora HQ in London .
It was lovely catching up with everybody after such a long time .

Zaggora have got some great new items of clothing at the moment .
I recently wore my purple viva Capri pants to my zumba class with my cool bra and I was the talking point of the sessions . Also made a new friend who also owns a pair of hot pants.
Zaggora also have some wonderful things coming up in the autumn season ! Keep watching .
What's with the picture I hear you ask ?
Well I just thought that my legs looked rather nice whilst sitting in my garden enjoying the sunshine ! Exercise , walking and Zaggora has paid off !
I am very happy with my body !

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