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Monday, 23 October 2017


Hi I have been a bit busy since I last updated . 
In May I discovered a new exercise class called Fight Klub . It's amazing it burns loads of calories. It involves wearing boxing gloves and punching a freestanding punch bag in time to music squats , kicks , burpees and press ups , 4/5 people per bag all done to Drum and base music.
 Love it ! Classes are 1 hour long. But once a month the do a special session on a Saturday at Croydon Boxpark  which is for 2 hours .
By August I realized I could do Zumba followed by Fight Klub back to back on a 
Wednesday and still feel great afterwards.
So I have managed to up my classes from 2hrs a week to a total of 4 or 5 hours a week (Zumba and Fight Klub )

September 2017 
Did a 50 mike walking charity fundraiser for Crisis but as I was about to take part in another charity event I paid the £50 sponsor money myself . I had 2 months to walk 50 miles , I did it in 2 weeks.

October 2017 
7/10/17-15/10/17. I travelled to China with my mum to walk on the Great Wall of China . We meet up with other charity walkers . I walked a total of 43 miles over the five days that we were on top of the wall . The wall is steep and scary but exhilarating .i loved walking on the wall. 

Nicola Powell 

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