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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hi just finished recovering from a very busy weekend .
Friday night I did the sleep out in London at southwark cathedral.
It was cold and wet , but well worth the experience .
I never want to be homeless! Considering that we were able to plan and take with us what we needed we had it easy. I really feel for the homeless.
So check my last post for details of how to donate.

Saturday morning got back from sleep out. Slept for a couple of hours and then had to get up as daughter had secondary entrance tests! 45 min test took a total of 3 hours out of my life.
Returned home chilled for rest of the evening .

Sunday morning got up cooked breakfast .
Went out to meet Ayo for 1pm
Explained to Ayo that I have been poorly all week . He told me I should have cancelled. I said I didn't want to cancel. So he agreed to take it a bit slower so that my asthma was not to bad . We decided to cut out the running .
We did 30x3 kettle bell swings
15 side weight lifts in lunge position on each side x3
30 press ups x 3
15 double crunches x3
20 side twist with weight x3
12 weight lifts behind head (working triceps?) x3
Plank for 30 seconds x3
That was it for today just under 30 minutes.
I then booked for next time and said my goodbyes .

I arrived home changed clothes collected middle child and went to collect oldest child. We were off to excel centre to the taste of Christmas exhibition. That I had one tickets for on twitter.
The girls had a great time tasting food sample and collecting flyers. We then came home had dinner and now I'm chilling!!
Absolutely exhausted !!

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