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Monday, 19 December 2011

4 sprints back and forward 
Kettle bell jumps forward ,sprint back and forward  repeat x 4 
Kettle bell forward lunge steps alternate sides x 4
Kettle bell lifts 20 x3
Press up 20 x3
Side twists  20 x3
Squats with weight lift  12 each side x 3 
Kettle bell swings alternate arms(changing hands in the air) 20x3
Double crunches with hold for 20x 3
Leg backward lunge dip holding weight forward for 15 hold for 5 x 3 each side . 
4 sprints at end!!!
30 minute workout 
Yes I was tired and felt very sick after but didn't throw up ;0) 

I wore my hotpants which was a good job because it was absolutely freezing in the park .

I noticed my weight that I used is made by a company called Alex . So I just going to refer to my weight as ALEX . Alex has become a good friend he always weighs the same ,7kg! Always helpful . 

Bearing in mind the night before I had been out with friends eating Italian at a local restaurant called 'locale' lovely food and great cocktails . 
So I had a few cocktails .

That evening after training I was out again for a friends birthday ... More alcohol and bat snacks . 

Tonight I am aching a bit but it's a nice ache as I can feel all the muscles I have used during training . 


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