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Sunday, 9 October 2011

2nd session

Hi I haven't written for a while .

I was meant to train last week but because I was taking part in the London shine event at the O2 last weekend I moved the training session to today (9/10/11)
The shine event was like a training session as I walked a half marathon at night with my friend and my mum. It took us 4 hours and 13 minutes to walk 14 miles! I think we did well:0)

Today I meet my trainer Ayo in the park again but this time I had two children in tow ;0( due to the fact that my husband has had to travel abroad to bury his mother who recently passed away .

With the children in tow I don't think my session was as intense as before but still a good work out

3 jogs up and down a set path
3x15 Squats with weight 7kg and a jump up at the end of each squat
Forward lunges with weight on alternate sides along the same path as the warm up jog with a jog back to the start.
3x15 downward lunges with weight in one arm moving up and down on each side
3x15 lunges on each side holding on 15th lunge for a count of 10
3x20 sit ups with a cycle legs at the end of each set for a count of 20
3x20 waist twist using weights whilst sitting on the floor.
3x20 box press ups ( can't do full press up yet !! :0) )
3x20 planks with alternate legs out and back

Legs were like jelly when I finished but not as bad as last time !

Good thing is the weather held out for me , no rain during session .

Note to self do not take children with me unless I really have to !!
Spent time talking to children , trying to get them to listen ,go and ride bikes etc instead my 5 year old decided to help with the counting and try and use the mat I was using whilst doing the plank !!
My 10 year old decided to join in at the side which was not to bad

I'm looking forward to my next session which will be in 2 weeks

Yes I did wear my hotpants , without the hotpants on it feels like I have an incomplete fitness kit .

I love my hotpants !

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