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Thursday, 27 October 2011

I'm back , sorry it's taken so long . 
Met Ayo on Sunday afternoon as planned .
I was 10 minutes late due to rugby over running , but I did phone and explain . 
Another great weather afternoon , bright but not to hot , not sure what will happen when weather changes !!!
Did the general chit chat , hi , how are you etc and then began!

We started with 11 short sprints 

Followed by leg lunges back to start 

15 backward lunges with a weight and twist to the side and a sprint to the end and back 6 times ( 3 x each side ) 

Sit ups with weight (forward and then up ) 15x 3 with cycle legs for 20 at the end if each set followed by holding out lower for a count of 10. 

Press up 20 x 3 sets 

Plank 10 x 3 sets 

I'm sure I've missed something , if I remember I'll blog it later.
Ayo always uses a 7.5kg weight for all weighted exercises.

Body was not to bad but did ache more by Wednesday . 

I didn't moan as much and yes I am enjoying it !!

Hotpants on!

Loving PT sessionns thank you ato @gethotpants ( follow on twitter )

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