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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hi me again ,
I feel like I've been a bit lazy since the last post .
After my last PT session I did no form of exercise until Thursday just gone.
Just not good enough !! I just couldn't be bothered. But getting back on track now.
On Thursday I did an hour of Zumba followed by 45 mins of hula hooping in my hotpants At Seven islands leisure centre ,Rotherhite, my knee was a little sore but ok.
On Friday I agreed to meet friends for a drink after another Zumba class for an hour ,different instructor again in hotpants this time as Dulwich leisure centre.
Another good session followed by a 5*martini cocktail, diet coke, bar snacks and friends. Saturday morning. Both knees hurt, not happy as I have PT session early Sunday afternoon.

Looking forward to session aiming to do more than last time as no children in tow.

I'll post again Sunday after session and let you know how it all went .

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