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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ayo changed time to 2 O'clock but I that was good because bbc 2 had a black and white movie on , the story of vernon and irene castle. I love watching black and white movies 

Got to the park same place as usual 
Work out began 

10 sprints forward and back 

Alternate leg lunges with weight held in front 20 times x3

Single with leg lunge with weight lifted up and down in the air 15 x3

Change leg repeat 15  x3

2 jogs  sprint  x3 

Squats/ star jump with weight  kettle bell swing lift x20 x15 x10

side twist mat with weight 15x3

Box press ups 15 x3 

Single leg lifts with weight on floor position  swing leg  in out lift weight with opposite arm under me (box press up position) 15 x3 each side 

4 jogs back and forth ! Finished

All in 30 minutes 
I did struggle a little with my breathing took my inhaler before but maybe the air was to cold .
But on the bright side it was sunny and looked like summer ;0)

My hotpants were on and kept me warm !!

Ayo was on time and ready to go . Grass a little damp but so be it . 
So far I've been lucky the weather has been good to me !

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