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Saturday, 5 November 2011

I went to the gym on 2/11/11 yes my instructor was able to attend the class ! Yeah so I did a Bollywood dance class for an hour . It's a high cardio workout class.

Car broke down again .
I have been on foot and public transport all week

Yesterday was my sons 6th birthday so I didn't eat well :0(
Pizza , cake , crisps , sweets, popcorn and biscuits !

Today Saturday 5 November.
Weather is dry
I got up and got ready and walked down the road to the nearest bus stop got on the bus and went to Hyde park to meet up with Lucy from the hot pants team and some other hotpantiers for an outdoor workout session with personal trainer Jonny Sayle and England netball captain Sonia Mkoloma .
We spent over an hour in the park doing squats, high kicks , knee raises , forward lunges , backward lunges, jogging , star jumps, running on the spot,sit ups , the plank , leg raises touching toes whilst on back , side leg lifts. I'm sure there was other exercises but I can't remember . We worked hard .
A big thank you to Sonia as she encouraged me to jog in burst from Hyde park corner to speakers corner and back and the more I did the easier it got !
I generally don't do jogging but I actually enjoyed it !!
I'm now at home starting to feel aches and pains kicking in..... I have a PT training session tomorrow with Ayo so that should be interesting .
And yes all this was done whilst wearing my hotpants , just can't exercise without them my kit feels in complete!!

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