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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Got my self ready for 12.00 hotpants on trackies on top trainers etc !
Walked to the park and waited for Ayo . He turned up dead on 12.30 and the pain started .....
None of the exercises are in order as its hard to remember when your feeling the pain walking home !
Kettle bell swings between the legs an up 20 
Jog 10, 4 , 4 
Side lunge dips weight 15
Side twist up in lunge position weight up hi 15
Holding lunge position 20
Double ( reverse) crunches 20 
Holding for 20 
Side twist with weight 15
Everything times 3 and on both sides except the jogs warm up /middle/end of session.  All completed in 30 minutes
All exercise apart from jogging were with a 7kg weight .

Ayo is an excellent trainer , encouraging , fun and dedicated !

Always seems happy to see me . We discussed the plans if the weather changes and the plan is ..... We continue as normal come rain , shine, snow etc in the park out doors !!
I said ok I can do that !
All booked for 2 weeks time .
At home now cooked dinner baked dessert had a hot bath to relax my muscles. Hopefully it will be enough after 2 pt sessions in 2days thanks to hotpants .
I will ache tomorrow so no classes tomorrow but maybe Tuesday ;0)

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