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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Recieved an email today from zaggora asking if I would like to write an article for there blog page.So as I was at home with a sick child I thought that I would give it ago. This is what I sent them

My name is Nicola Powell  I'm aged 38 .
 I live in London . 
I work full time in a children's centre looking after 0-3 year olds. Im an Early years educator. 

I have 3 children of my own and husband , which makes 4 children lol. 

I currently enjoy taking part in fitness classes after work and at the weekend. I do up to 6 classes a week ,zumba ,hula hoop, Bollywood dance ,Bollywood aerobics and Bollywood boxercise . 
I wear my hot pants to each of my classes so it's about 60-105minutes for each class for 5 days 
My weight has gone down by 5 lb in 2 weeks and I have lost a total of about 7 inches all over hip waist thighs !!   ( when I did the 2week challenge ). 
It has all stayed off! I got my hot pants in July !
I was a size twelve due to having chunkier legs ( small waist) I am now a size 10 ! 
How did I get my hotpants , I hear you ask ? 
It was originally a fluke, I had just started using my twitter account to do competitions. I'd had a couple of wins and came across the tweet
"Help us get to 1,000 followers! - Follow us and RT - to get a pair of Hotpants to try!"
I thought "ooh hotpants " not my usual outfit but could always wear at home or on holiday ! 
So like the other tweets I followed & retweeted! I had no idea what they were , I went on the web site and thought ok what ever, we'll see what happens . They emailed me ,I replied and then I waited ......& waited . I heard nothing, I forgot about them and then one day I thought let me email them and see what's happening , they apologised and my hotpants arrived in the post in the next couple of days. I was pleasantly surprised they were like the images on the web site and they were of great quality for a freebie . I was happy, now needed to read the website again properly and find out what they really did ! 
After receiving my hotpants I recieved another email  saying did I want another free pair for a friend !! Wow I thought , my friend just had a baby and was staying in Washington USA for three months with family . I gave her details and she contacted them and got her hot pants sent state side! She loves hers too . 

I also won a personal trainer from zaggora for a year it has been a god send , I love training with the trainer who caters the sessions to me and my needs . Thank you zaggora .
You can follow my progress at www.myptlife.blogspot.com 

 I also attended the very first hotpants photoshoot in London which was a lovely day out , photos ,food and meeting the zaggora staff ! I also made new friends , claire, Lucy , Lorraine ,Joyce ,Adrienne & Karen who were also successful hotpants ambassadors . We have all stayed in touch via twitter and Facebook , it's been wonderful . 

I always refer to my new hotpants friends as "hotpantiers " lol 
After the photoshoot we were all invited to the official launch party in central London.
When I arrived at the party I saw what they had used all the hotpantiers pictures for ... We were all projected around the room in the gallery on to the walls ! The photos looked fantastic ! We had cocktails & canapĆ©s and mixed with the media , lots of pictures were taken . 

I also attended the first hyde park fitness workout session with Jonny Sayle  trainer to the stars and Sonia Mkoloma England netball captain . Where I met a couple more hotpantiers ! Great session even got me jogging and I hated jogging !! Can't wait to do it again ! 
My husband hates my hot pants because it's not his idea of hot pants!! But he is loving the results he said he can really see the difference !!  

I started in medium hotpants I'm now in small hotpants !

Since receiving my first free pair of hotpants I have had to buy a small pairšŸ˜Š
My mum , sister,daughter and 3 friends have hotpants !! 

Twitter name: nicolamp 

They published it !!
But did forget to add in ....
On the 1st October I did a half marathon walkathon at night through London in my hotpants ! I did 14 miles in 4 hrs 13 mins with my mum and a friend all in hotpants . Boy was that a hot sweaty night !! ;0) 
The page they posted looks really professional , I'm very proud of whAt I've achieved /done this year !


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